Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions our customers have below. But, if there’s a question you have that’s not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What makes Tiny Home Rolling Pasture different to other Tiny House builders? 

Energy efficiency, beauty, function and quality are our highest priorities. Our team has extensive experience in energy efficiency, sustainable construction, architectural design and customer service. We may not be able to build you the least expensive Tiny Home on the market but we guarantee true craftsmanship, style, quality and an enjoyable process. 

How much do your homes sell for? 

Since we do a lot of custom work, no two homes have cost the same as it is highly dependent on material choices & finishes, design changes and appliance or utility options. To give an indication, a shell complete with trailer, all walls and roof, insulation, cladding, trim, electrical, loft and floor coverings for a model up to 20ft with plug fixtures for water and electricity would be in the range of $30-40,000.

A completed tiny house on wheels - adding a kitchen, bathroom fit out, modular or fixed furniture and appliances would likely be $40-65,000. We can also provide off-grid models with solar power installed!

How long does it take to build a home for a client? 

Generally around three months once design is complete and the trailer is ready (a trailer takes 3-10 weeks to manufacture depending on the season). A shell-only takes about 2 months (this is an average amount of time but depends on a number of factors). The design process can take between one to three weeks.


Are the interiors customizable? 

Yes! Design fees may be additional for changes made to building plans during construction but the possibilities are many! One caveat, changing entire window placements on a plan can turn out costing just as much as a new plan set. We can help you figure out what option is best for you.

 What are the largest dimensions of a trailer you will build on? 

2.5m W x 7.2m L unless paid in full before construction.


Do the Tiny Homes need a special towing permit or equipped vehicle? 

The larger (6m lengths and beyond) double-axle homes need a large 4x4 but the smaller homes can be towed by a medium 4x4 (V6 or larger engine). None of our homes should require special towing permits but this should be confirmed when designs/construction are set and can vary state by state (with total weight being a factor as well). Homes can range in weight from 1.5 tonne – 4.5 tonne.

Where can I put a Tiny House on wheels? 

It really depends on where you are located. Tiny Homes fit into a legal grey area in most cities. Each shire has it’s own rules for placement and use. We recommend verifying this or getting permission beforehand. There are a number of ways to satisfy local by-laws in many areas. Being on wheels a tiny house does not fall under building jurisdiction but rather, that of the Department of Transport.

Do you deliver homes outside of South East Queensland?

We contract with a 3rd party to deliver outside of South East Queensland on a case-by-case basis.

Do you build on foundations as well? 

No, we only build tiny houses on wheels. 

 Do you offer financing? 

We can connect you with the right lender and provide all of the necessary paperwork and guidance for a stress-free loan process. We recommend securing all funds before starting a project because your Tiny Home will be finished before you know it! We recommend contacting our tiny house finance representative

 Can you build the shell for me and I do the rest? 

Absolutely! It gives customers an option to do the fun part and personalise it for themselves (as well as save money). Pricing is highly variable based on the design and material choices. A consultation or two usually gets us closer to a more accurate estimate for your specific project.

How do I find the right trailer? 

We have partnered with trailer manufacturers on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts as we feel they are the best trailers available for Tiny Home construction. We will not build on a used trailer unless independently inspected by an agreed agent (but will build on trailers made by another professional manufacturer). We feel this is very important to have the best foundation for your Tiny Home!

 Do you rent your homes out? 

We don’t currently have one available for rent but we offer a guaranteed buy back of any trailer we have constructed and may from time to time have one available for rent

 What sort of utilities does a Tiny Home use? 

Motorhome style utilities include: Electric (15 amp connection with RV hookup) & water (freshwater hookup). We can also help with placement of holding tanks for freshwater, grey water or black water. Composting toilets add additional cost but are a great option. Solar panels are optional as well as other renewable power options. Let’s talk more about what might be the best fit for you.

How do I get insurance? 

It varies by location and circumstance but we are able to recommend insurance options.

 Can you build homes for families with children? 

Yes, children love Tiny Homes! There are plans available even for a family of five. We can design and build a space that suits all of your families needs.