It seems that many people in this and other online communities are united by a sense of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs ...... of the State, council by - laws and the Commonwealth Corporation. What can be done about it? Can I legally start a self sustaining Tiny House community?

It sometimes seems that the ship is going down in flames but nobody wants to jump off for fear of being alone. If someone would just organise a life raft it would give hope to so many and maybe inspire others to organise another.

Metaphors aside, YES- a self sustainable community for tiny homes (on wheels or foundations) can be operated under current by - laws in most areas in Australia by being granted a permit to run a caravan park. Specific guidelines will change from shire to shire but the requirements seem to be similar ie. must contain an amenities block for each set amount of guests, access to water, adequate drainage etc.

Without purchasing an existing caravan park it may be possible to purchase a suitable block (ensure it will meet the shire guidelines ie. not a flood plain etc) which may even be done with a syndicate of owners. From there works can be carried out to meet by-laws and prepare an application. To this end a syndicate becomes even more appealing. Any current structures can be repurposed and ones that are required (without needing an occupancy permit) may be readily constructed.

If you choose to work with the council at the start of the project (or even if you come to their attention midway through) they will give you an absolute checklist of what will be required to be successful in your application.
If for any reason you are unsuccessful in attaining the correct permit you are left with land more valuable through the creation of additional or developed structures.
All indications are that the most important part of this process is at the very start - aligning like minded individuals to work towards a common goal (whether participating in the development work or simply participating in the self sustaining community). The establishment of the community is just the start. What happens then? Why are all of these like minded people living in a community together? Is this existence meaningful? What is their purpose? Is this a frikkin' cult?

Whether participating in a social or commercial enterprise alignment of individuals in the community is key and best established from the get go.

Ben McIntyre