LIVE EVENT - We will attempt to build a tiny house on wheels in just 24 hours!


We are inviting the public to come watch, support and cheer us on.  There will be a viewing gallery at the build where people can watch the build take shape.  You can be there for the start, the finish, or any time in-between.

It is also a great opportunity to learn more about this movement as apart from the team that will be completing the build, there will be other trade experts on-hand ready to answer questions and offer advice.  We have also programmed some talks and workshops including: talking trailers, design your perfect space, and opportunities to speed date an expert,  and network with others.

I believe it can be done, I believe anything is possible with the right intentions. We have an opportunity now to design our own future rather than falling victim to it. By building a more suitable housing model we can render the current inefficient and unaffordable one obsolete
— Ben McIntyre

The tiny house movement is gaining incredible momentum and is providing one solution to the “right sized” housing shortage and housing affordability issues.


We would really like this to be an interactive social event where the community can come together and celebrate the Aussie spirit of overcoming obstacles with creativity, ingenuity and innovation. 


The tiny house movement highlights and addresses some current social and financial issues such as our carbon footprint, waste, up-cycling of materials, housing affordability, over consumption and over complication of life. 


How amazing it would be to create a tiny home in just one weekend with the support, participation and resources from the build team and the local community.