Custom Tiny Home Design and Build

From plug in mains services to complete off grid facilities you can choose from a mixture of new and reclaimed materials, fuels and utilities, and fixtures and fittings. We are certain that we can guide you though our design process comfortably and thoroughly. Ensure that there is everything you need to live efficiently, and nothing that you don't. The benefits of living in a tiny home on wheels are multiple.

Better control of finances

Things cost money. Less things means less money spent and more in your wallet. Having less things also means it costs less to maintain your stuff. Have you ever noticed that the more things you have, the more things you need to buy to store them in (whether it be a box, a storage unit, or a house)? Then you need to pay for any repairs, cleaning [supplies], replacements, and so forth. Things drain wallets and put you in debt. Do you really want to acquire something that you will be paying off for the next thirty years or incur more credit card debt?

Positive Environmental Impact
Less stuff usually means less waste. Too many things these days are made to be disposable, and a lot of people buy in bulk because things can be quickly used and thrown away. Not only that, but many items are packaged and wrapped in paper and plastics that get tossed immediately. Cutting back on these items cuts back on the amount of waste.

Less pressure to keep up with the Joneses
Often, our buying habits are fueled by others: our friends, families, and the media (advertisements on television, in magazines, on the internet). We see something cool or beautiful somewhere else and think, “I’ve got to have that!” And why? Why do we think we need that? Some things may be necessary but most things aren’t. Clothes change with fashion. A new phone seems to come out once or twice a year. Cars are updated. Homes are renovated and decorated. But do we really need it all? Who are we trying to impress? Did you hear that the Jonses were broke and living in debt?

Less clutter
Nothing is more irksome than tripping over a pile of clothes on the floor or losing your bills in the big pile of junk on your kitchen counter. Or how about trying to find space for the third china cabinet that you’ve acquired? Soon your home is filled with stuff hidden in every nook and cranny until you don’t know what to do with it anymore and just keep adding more! Visual clutter contributes to mental clutter. How do you feel when you have an empty shelf? A clean counter with one lone candle? A spotless floor? You feel calm, relaxed, peaceful. 

Less means packing a lighter purse, backpack, bag, or none at all! Imagine sticking your wallet in your pocket and running out the door. Owning less also means you can pick up and move quickly.  Having less makes for a more free and efficient lifestyle.

 Home Sweet Home 
Live in your dream tiny house full time. With a roof over your head and no mortgage bill in your letterbox (or P.O Box, for that matter) take pleasure in knowing you won’t have to lug around that ball and chain for 15 or 30 years. Have more energy to enjoy your family and more time and money for experiences.

Granny Flat and Home Extention

Provide a personal space for an ageing loved one while still being close at hand. Safety First tiny homes have all amenities on one level and can include wheelchair access and manoeuvring space, hand and grab rails, safety appliances and more


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Click on photo to check it out...




    A Smarter Retirement Choice

The Tiny House Movement’s growth is largely among the young and child-free, but it’s gaining momentum among seniors, too; some 40 percent of tiny house owners are over age 50. After all, what better time to downsize, personalize, simplify and save – either alongside family, alone or by buying a plot with friends and forming a tiny house community? No loft required.



Income property

Whether you are current homeowners or looking to buy a home; hosting a tiny house can be an opportunity to get a BIG payoff for only a tiny investment. For the person who loves the idea of tiny houses, but not actually living in one; they, too, can still reap the financial rewards. There are infinite options;

Backyard Rental

Generate steady income year round by renting it out to long term tenants, in laws, or uni students home for the summer.
Bed & Breakfast/Hotel . Tiny Homeowners can use Airbnb.com to rent their Tiny Homes day by day. If a Tiny House is rented out daily for $100, that’s about $3,000/month.

The best part is you can choose to rent it out as little or as much as you want. This is a win-win because budget travelers are looking for a local pit stop and Tiny House enthusiasts are looking for a trial run of the Tiny lifestyle.

Granny Flat To-Go

OK, so you don’t have much of a backyard, not even for a 16 foot trailer.  Rent it to a trustworthy tenant who will care for it on their own property or an caravan park/campground. To avoid any problems, do a background check and install a GPS locator on the trailer just in case.

Temporary Housing

With such an unpredictable economy there is no question that homebuyers would be disromanticised and homeowners would like to find a way to payoff their mortgage ASAP. There are two options for these folks:

Live in a Tiny Home temporarily as you build the BIG home of your dreams debt free.  Move into a Tiny Home and save for your pay-as-you-build, “right-sized” home.

Rent out your BIG home while you live on premises in the Tiny House. Whether it’s avoiding mortgage stress or doubling up on mortgage payments, simply enjoy someone else paying your mortgage with the outcome of owning a home sooner.

Backyard Office

Tax write off! Work from home and use your return toward your mortgage.

1.  Working from home, but not AT home is a way to keep family life and career separate. Not to mention, less petrol, wear and tear on your vehicle , and no traffic.

2. Be a traveling merchant. Use it as a food van, for coffee and baked goods, sell roadside art,flowers,or antiques, or offer services like a mobile hair and nail salon. The possibilities are endless to earn an income with a Tiny House.